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By choosing our services you will save time and money!

We want to develop a great partnership with you. We will be the ones who will deal with all the legal aspects of your business, because it is important to be informed and operate in legality. We will be next to you when you need our experience and knowledge. Our goal is to make your work easier, to help you start your own business, and then we will take you step by step towards the best solutions in the areas we cover. We are addressing both those who are at the beginning and those who already have a business.
The rates for the services offered by us differ depending on the degree of complexity of the service and the emergency. The minimum rate for setting up a company with a single associate (Romanian citizen) is 298 RON - 198 RON - set up online - plus the fees from the Trade Registry.
For students, the minimum rate for setting up a company with a single associate (Romanian citizen) is 240 RON, plus the fees from the Trade Registry.

To get a clearer picture of some of our services, we present the following final rates.
No hidden costs!

Establishing a company online with a single Romanian citizen associate
198 Ron
Establishment of AFP
525 Ron
Establishment of an F.E.
750 Ron
Establishment of an I.E.
525 Ron
Opening a work point
349 Ron
Activate object of activity (sanitary / sanitary-veterinary /
protection of work, environment)
229 Ron
Activity Suspension (or Resume Activity)
269 Ron
Change of registered office (in the same county)
249 Ron
Change of object of activity (extension / deletion, including main object)
229 Ron
Assign / divert social shares to 1 founder
449 Ron
Recodification of an object of activity (update CAEN code)
150 Ron
Appointment / Removal / Change Administrator
249 Ron
Increase / decrease of share capital
449 Ron
Change name / company logo
229 Ron
Update founder identification data
229 Ron
Administrator mandate extension
229 Ron
Extend / Change Company Duration
499 Ron
Work Point Closure
229 Ron
Dissolution of a Company
699 Ron
Merger / division of a company
1.139 Ron
Correction of material error produced by the client
229 Ron
Pre-consultation (principle assessment) - offshore exclusivity
Minim 100 Ron
Rating at our headquarters (attorney) - exclusive offshore
Minim 150 Ron
Legal Consultancy - Offshore Exclusive
150 Ron / Ora
Attestation of documents by a lawyer
80 Ron
100 Ron
Extra shift
50 Ron
Drafting constitutive act
10 Ron / Pagina
A signature specimen
60 Ron
Certificate of verification (for bank, auctions, etc.)
49 Ron
Get information about a business
99 Ron
Obtaining certified copies of documents submitted to the Trade Registry
99 Ron
Reservation of the company logo
99 Ron
Obtaining a duplicate company registration certificate
229 Ron
Submission of an act for reference in the Trade Registry
229 Ron


For students, the minimum rate for setting up a company with a single associate (Romanian citizen) is 240 RON,
plus the fees from the Trade Registry.
In order to benefit from this tariff cut and cuts from the Trade Registry, students have to prove that they:
● Follow courses of a short or long-term form of education at an accredited higher education institution;
● They are at least in the second year of studies and have passed all the obligations established by the university senate;
● They have not reached the age of 30 years.

The rates shown in the tables are FINAL (real and fixed)
and do not include taxes due to the Trade Registry, social capital or signature specimen!

The documents for your chosen service are drafted by us within 2 days from the date of conclusion of the contract and receipt of all the documents (100 Ron is added for processing within a shorter term).
The consultancy and evaluation fee is deducted from the total fee if the contract is concluded for a service whose cost is at least equal to the consultancy fee.
The exact amount of the final fare for a service (if there are any problems) can only be obtained by requesting a personalized offer that takes into account the urgency, the specificity of each request and any existing or future problems.

By choosing our services you will save money and time.
You will save money first of all because you use your time, which means money, to produce money, but also because mistakes in completing acts mean nerves,
stress, more time lost and other extra expenses. You will save time, because we are specialized and ensure you have a quick walk through the entire procedure.

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