Choosing our services you will save money and time. You will save money in the first place to use your time, which means money to produce money, but mistakes in compleating documents means nerves, stress, more time lost and other additional costs. You save time because we are specialize and we provide fast browsing of the entire procedure. Fees for our services varies depending on the degree of complexity of service and urgency.
Minimum charge to establish a single-member companies (Roman citizen) is 298 Ron (198 Ron - setting up online) to which are added charges to Trade Registry. Minimum rate for students to establish a single-member companies (Romanian citizen) is 240 Ron in addition with the Trade Registry fees. To benefit from this reduction of tariff discounts and the Trade Registry discounts, students must prove that:

  1. Attended some form of higher education for short or long duration at a higher education institution accredited
  2. There are at least on second year of studies and and promoted all the obligations set by the university senate
  3. Not older than 30 years

We offer the best quality / price ratio and the most complex services. Prices listed above are real, firm and fixed! In addition, all services are invoiced! Fees are not included in the Trade Registry, the capital, the signature species!

Attention! Recently appeared and illegal providers with cheaper prices. If you do not want safety (you can stay without papers) and professionalism (mistakes in documents, a longer period), appeal to them. There is also operated with higher prices that are based on market exposure, the appearance and especially the lack of information and choice, they unduly delayed deadlines for the works and in various forms can alter the price. These providers have extra uncertainty leaving services, even very little of their current routine, can create unwanted delays and even mistakes. 

 To get a clearer picture on the charges of some of our services, we present the final rates (no other hiden taxes):


Company services Prices
Company incorporation online sole Romanian citizen 198
P.F.A. incorporation 625
I.F. incorporation 750
I.I. incorporation 625
Work point incorporating 349
Item activation(health / veterinary / labor protection, environment) 229
Activity suspending (or activity resume) 269
Change headquarters office (in the same county) 249
Change object of activity (extension / cancellation, including main) 229
Assignment / transfer of social parts to 1 founder 449
Recodificare assets (NACE code update) 150
Appointment / removal / change administrator 249
Increase / reduce capital 449
Change name / company logo 299
Renew of founder identification data 229
Extend Mandate Administrator 229
Extend / Change company operation time 499
Close working point 229
Winding up company, removal company 699
Fusion / division business 1139
Error Correction material produced by the customer 229
Consulting services Prices
Consulting prior (assessment of principle) - exclusive offshore minim  100
Assessment at our office (lawyer) - exclusive offshore minim  150
Legal Consulting - exclusive offshore  150 Ron / hour
Attestation of documents by attorney 80 Ron
Emergency 100 Ron
Additional travel 50 Ron
Drafting memorandum of association 10 lei/ pag
A signature species 60 Ron
Certificate found (for banks, auctions, etc..) 49 Ron
Purvey company information 99 Ron
Obtaining certified copies of the documents submitted to the Trade Register 99 Ron
Book logo company 99 Ron
Obtaining duplicate registration certificate company 229 Ron
Filing a document to mention in the Trade Register  229 Ron

The documents of service you chose are drawn by us in two days from signing the contract and receipt of all documents (for processing earlier it will add 100 Ron).

Consultancy and assessment fee is deducted from total fee if you sign the contract for a service whose cost is at least equal to the consultancy.

Prices displayed in tables are FINALS and do not include fees payable to the Trade Register. Exact amount of the final tariff for a service (which has something uncommon) you can get only by requesting a personalized offers which will take account of emergency, specific to each application and any existing or future problems.

About other services offered by us and not specified above, we invite you to contact us





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