Necessary documents 

To incorporate a limited company (Ltd) must send us the following documents:  

  • Copy of identity card / Passport of partners,
  • Fiscal record of each partner and administrator,
  • Copy of property deed of the registered office,
  • The neighbors (in touch) agreement  / granted of the owners,
  • Administrators signature species,
  • Proof of bank capital deposit - more than 200 lei,
  • Booking Company name at the Trade Register. 

Towards these acts, then depending on the object of activity, the work points to, we may still need some other acts in addition, but we will communicate at the right time.

Precisely not waste your time and to be able to establish exactly what service you want to start and thus we can send you all documents we need for the selected service, we invite you to fill out the form correctly with all details of Online company incorporation.


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