Winding up

Dissolving the company is, like the setting up, a stage of a society "life".

Dissolution of companies takes place, according to Law No. 31/1990, in several situations, including: if the time fixed for the duration of the company has expired, if the objects of the company was not achieved, or it was done, and on the basis of cpmpany's associates will. Also, declaration of nullity of a company, the General Assembly decision, the court or simply request one of the partners any company can be dissolved.

Dissolution causes of companies are multiple, some are internal (partners is due to decisions or changes to legislation), others are external, national or global. Now introducing a minimum tax (internal factor) in a year of world crisis (external factor) strongly hit the budgets of companies and become one of the leading causes of dissolution.

The work of winding up the firm has a high share within our services. We can wind up the company by both voluntary and judicially.

Also, we can take over your debt company (legally, by notary and registration followed by the takeover), we can help you sell (we have clients that of the tax purpose are willing to take such firms), we can offer companies for sale with or without debts, old and newly incorporating companies.

Each client is an important and special one for us, for which wi'll discuss all the details in a private and confidential meeting.  



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