Change company

During the existence of a company it may sometimes be required, to make changes. An obligation imposed by law is the recent change accordingly to the new NACE recodification.

Among the changes that company suffers we present you examples some of the most common: 

  • Open / removal of branches and branch offices,
  • Open / radial work point,
  • Expand / Collapse the object of activity,
  • Change headquarters / work point / name,
  • Appointment / suspension / administrator revocation / auditor,
  • Exclusion / withdrawing shareholders,
  • The emblem register,
  • Temporarily suspending activity, Increase / reduction of capital, Assignment of participating shares, Merger, division, company dissolution, Change company legal form, etc. 

For all these changes, but also for others to benefit for a personal offer, we invite you to contact us.

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